Guest Speakers

Research communications are pivotal for knowledge exchange, generation of collaborations and new ideas, networking as well as for serving as a key part in the training process of the students.

We are actively hosting normal lectures, and titled lectures, including the NO-Age and NO-AD Seminar Series, with national and international speakers who are leading experts in their fields. Past and upcoming lectures are listed below.

Videos of previous talks

Seminarinvited and hosted by Evandro F. Fang

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For the NO-AD and NO-Age Seminar Series, co-hosted with Prof. Jon Storm-Mathisen

2017.11.09Prof. David Rubinsztein (University of Cambridge) on ‘Autophagy and Neurodegeneration’
2018.01.26Prof. Vilhelm Bohr (NIA, U of Copenhagen) on ‘DNA repair, mitochondria, and treatment of human age-related diseases’
2018.03.26Ms. Sofie Lautrup (Aarhus University) on ‘Genome instability and NAD+ metabolism in aging and Alzheimer’s disease’
2018.06.08Prof. Linda H. Bergersen (University of Oslo) on ‘The lactate receptor HCAR1 in the brain’ Prof. Jon Storm-Mathisen (University of Oslo) on ‘Brain anatomy and main transmitters (glutamate and GABA)’
2018.09.07Dr. Konstantinos Palikaras (Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Crete/Greece) on ‘Investigating the role of mitophagy in neuronal homeostasis’
2018.10.18Prof. Patty Lee (Y-Age, Yale University; International member of NO-Age) on ‘Links between Innate Immunity & Senescence in Lung’.
2019.01.29Prof. Jens Pahnke (UiO) on ‘ABC transporters as new diagnostic and treatment option for dementia’. (with Ahus/EpiGen Meeting series, organized by Drs. Sofie Lautrup and Torunn Rønningen)
2019.12.12The NO-Age and NO-AD Seminar Series 001 Synaptic changes in Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias’, Prof. Paul Francis, King’s College London and University of Exeter, UK
2020.01.10The NO-Age and NO-AD Seminar Series 002, ‘NAD+ augmentation in liver protection and health’, Prof. Lili Yang, Department of nutrition, School of Public Health, Sun Yat-sen University, China
2020.04.15The NO-Age and NO-AD Seminar Series 004, ‘From pathological ageing to healthy longevity’ themed seminar by Profs. George Martin (University of Washington, Seattle, USA), Lynne Cox (University of Oxford, UK), Morten Scheibye-K (Copenhagen University, Denmark), Dr. Ingrid Åmellem (UiO, Norway), and Mr. Ruben Gudmundsrud (UiO, Norway). Cancelled due to COVID-19.
2020.04.24The NO-Age and NO-AD Seminar Series 003, ‘Blood Proteomic Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease’, Dr. Liu Shi, University of Oxford, UK. Cancelled due to COVID-19.
2020.06.09The NO-Age and NO-AD Seminar Series 005,  ‘Alzheimer’s disease — novel tau-based mechanisms and ultrasound-based therapeutic interventions’ by Prof. Jürgen Götz, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. Zoom meeting with link in the flyer.
2020.06.22The NO-Age and NO-AD Seminar Series 007, “The Impact of Intermittent Bioenergetic Challenges on Brain and Body Health” by Prof. Mark P. Mattson, Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA
2020.09.24The NO-Age and NO-AD Seminar Series 008, “Is it possible to control the progression of ALS?” by Prof. Jose M. Estrela, M.D., Ph.D., the University of Valencia, Spain
2020.11.10The NO-Age and NO-AD Seminar Series 006, “Cellular recycling: Role of autophagy in aging and disease” by Prof. MALENE HANSEN, Ph.D., Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, USA
2020.11.23The NO-Age and NO-AD Seminar Series 009, “Tracing and Manipulating NAD+ Metabolism in Cells and Mitochondria” by Assoc. Prof. Joseph Baur, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, USA
2020.11.2525 Nov 2020: The 1st NO-AD Network Annual Meeting
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