Big congrats to the summer/exchange students of the Fang laboratory

I am writing to congrats all the former and current summer/exchange students of the Fang Laboratory for their amazing achievements:

  • Our 2022 summer student Espen Opseth (bachelor student at UiO, Norway) is enjoying his summer training on ageing and Alzheimer’s disease. Summer student Marisa Khanokwan Børthus just finished her summer intern here and she was so pleased in learning the ways to ‘quantify ageing’. They were in the Norwegian newspapers everywhere in this summer! Their daily mentor is/was Dr. Shu-qin Cao.
  • Our 2021/2022 ERASMUS student Beatriz Escobar Doncel (bachelor University of Alcalá (UAH), Spain) is working on several interesting projects related to mitophagy and Alzheimer’ disease. Her mentors have been Alice Rui-xue Ai and Maria Jose Donate.
  • Our 2021 exchange student Bjoern Olaisen (currently bachelor student at King’s College London, UK) is doing an excellent summer intern in Prof. David Sinclair Laboratory at Harvard Medical School: His daily mentor was Dr. Sofie Lautrup.
  • Our 2022 summer student Mats Landfald (bachelor student at UiO, had half a year exchange at UC Berkeley) said he had a wonderful training experience at the Fang lab with the learning of many techniques from scratch. His daily mentors were Dr. Janet Zhang and DPhil student He-ling Wang.
  • Our 2021/2022 ERASMUS student Mr. Adrian Moliere (Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg, Germany) just got an offer of a master programme at ETH, Switzerland. Big congrats Adrian! His daily mentors were Dr. Janet Zhang and DPhil student He-ling Wang.
  • Many of our former students are also doing good job:

Thank you to all the daily mentors for your time, patience, and big efforts in training the ‘new comers’! And big congrats to the exchange/summer students: hard work pays off.  

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