Experimental models

A worm with the expression of coelomocyte co-injection marker Punc-122-RFP (image from Francisco J. Naranjo/Hilde Nilsen Lab)
A worm with red signals (JKM3) imaged by DPhil student Shu-qin Cao.
A moulting C. elegans larva (Courtesy Giulietta Morra)
The senescent fly gut (from postdoc Dr. Sofie Lautrup in collaboration with Prof. Tor Erik Rusten)
Setting up a big lifespan experiment by postdoc Dr. Sofie Lautrup and ERASMUS student Johannes Frank. Photo: Adrian Matysek

The mitochondrial dynamics with fast turnover of damaged mitochondria by mitophagy (Credit: Dr. Nuo SUN)
We have established a very unique cross-species experimental platform to explore the molecular mechanisms of ageing and to further develop novel strategies to improve healthy ageing as well as to cure age-related diseases, especially Alzheimer’s disease.
1. The round worm C. elegans
2. Drosophila melanogaster (In collaborations with Drs. Tor Erik Rusten and Heinrich Jasper)
3. Mice
4. iPSC-differentiated neurons and glial cells
5. Human postmortem brain tissues