Scientific Retreat

The Fang group organizes 1-2 scientific retreats each year in cities with scenic nature and / or historical heritages. We work hard, both in the lab and outdoor, enthusiastically and collaboratively to embrace the splendid future.

14th Jan 2022: 2022 Fang lab Retreat (1st). To enjoy the nature of Norway and to celebrate the publication of the Nature Biomedical Engineering paper, as well as to welcome our New DPhil student Sasha, Adrian was asked to arrange this event. We had two bottles of wines and a bottle of 2-L champagne. The weather was perfect, sunshine, and a clear sky after sun set as we saw stars and the moon. We stayed at the -Duck Lack- for 6 hours. Such a nice event.
From Left to Right: Caroline, Adrian, Tom, Sasha, Evandro, Ale, Alice.
17-22 August 2021: Lab outing to Trolltunga (“Troll tongue”, 恶魔之舌): 1180 meters high, 430 million years old, 10-h hiking of 20 km to the top. Mission accomplished.
L to R: Bjoern Olaisen, Evandro F. Fang, Caroline Shi-qi Zhang, Alice Rui-xue Ai, Emilie Gasparini, Tomás Schmauck-Medina
Fang Lab 2nd Scientific Retreat
2020.07.15-2020.07.19 A 5-day trip in the 3rd largest city, Stavanger, Norway with Paweł Strychalski, Shu, Evandro Fang, Rina, and Yahyah Aman (L to R)
Fang Lab 1st Scientific Retreat
2019.07.01-2190.07.10 A 10-day trip in Guangzhou, China, with Guofeng, Yahyah Aman, Claus, Sofie, and Evandro Fang (L to R)