Scientific Retreat

The Fang group organizes 1-2 scientific retreats each year in cities with scenic nature and / or historical heritages. We work hard, both in the lab and outdoor, enthusiastically and collaboratively to embrace the splendid future.

17-22 August 2021: Lab outing to Trolltunga (“Troll tongue”, 恶魔之舌): 1180 meters high, 430 million years old, 10-h hiking of 20 km to the top. Mission accomplished.
L to R: Bjoern Olaisen, Evandro F. Fang, Caroline Shi-qi Zhang, Alice Rui-xue Ai, Emilie Gasparini, Tomás Schmauck-Medina
Fang Lab 2nd Scientific Retreat
2020.07.15-2020.07.19 A 5-day trip in the 3rd largest city, Stavanger, Norway with Paweł Strychalski, Shu, Evandro Fang, Rina, and Yahyah Aman (L to R)
Fang Lab 1st Scientific Retreat
2019.07.01-2190.07.10 A 10-day trip in Guangzhou, China, with Guofeng, Yahyah Aman, Claus, Sofie, and Evandro Fang (L to R)