The 5th Anniversary of the Evandro FANG lab (2022)

While the Fang lab was opened on the 2nd Oct 2017, this week we are celebrating the 5th year anniversary of the Fang lab at the Universtiy of Oslo (UiO) and the Akershus University Hospital (Ahus), Norway.

Some bulleted summary
1. We have 25 young students trained by the Fang lab and are now in their new chapters of career development (
2. Two postdocs have secured good positions: Yahyah Aman, Ph.D. (King´s College London), Postdoc Fellow (2018.02-2021.01); Current position: Researcher at UCL, UK; currently Associate editor at Nature Ageing. Chenglong Xie, Ph.D. (Shanghai Jiaotong U.), Postdoc Fellow (2019.09-2020.11); Current position: Faculty at Wenzhou Medical University, China.
3. Over 55 papers published in the last 5 years, including papers in Nature Neuroscience (2019), Cell Metabolism (2019, postdoc and then researcher Dr. Sofie Lautrup as first author), Nature Ageing (2021, Postdoc Dr. Yahyah Aman and DPhil student Tomas Schmauck-Medina as co-first authors), and Nature Biomedical Engineering (2022, Postdoc Chenglong Xie and student Alice Rui-xue Ai as co-first authors).
4. We have been in the news in VG among others
5. As a member in a joint EU grant on the study of NAD in healthy ageing:
6. In the toughest funding period (around 5% in the renewal category):
7. Our AI-based identification of mitophagy inducers as drug candidates of Alzheimer’s disease:

Greetings from the Fang lab current members : video (you can not miss it)

04 Oct 2022. Photo by Sara


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