NO-Age members honor DKNVS Awards

The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters (DKNVS) is the oldest Academy in Norway. This year´s Gunnerus Medal, the highest medal of honor by DKNVS, goes to the Academy members May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser. The Mosers were the 2014 Nobel Laureates for Medicine or Physiology, for their discovery of the grid cells, a group of neurons in our brain enabling one finds the way back home. 

The DKNVS’s scientific award to younger researchers this year goes to Heidrun Åm (Social Science) and Evandro Fei Fang (Medical fields). The two researchers receive NOK 75,000 each.

挪威皇家科學與文學學會(DKNVS)是挪威最古老的院士學院。今年的Gunnerus勳章(DKNVS最高榮譽),授予學院院士May-Britt Moser和Edvard Moser。 Mosers是2014年諾貝爾醫學或生理學獎得主,他們發現了網格細胞 (grid cells),這是我們大腦中的一組神經元帮助人們记忆回家的路。

DKNVS今年向年輕研究人員頒發的科學獎授予了HeidrunÅm(社會科學)和Evandro Fei Fang(醫學領域)。兩位研究人員各獲得75,000挪威克朗。


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