The 5th Anniversary of the Evandro FANG lab (2022)

While the Fang lab was opened on the 2nd Oct 2017, this week we are celebrating the 5th year anniversary of the Fang lab at the Universtiy of Oslo (UiO) and the Akershus University Hospital (Ahus), Norway.

Some bulleted summary
1. We have 25 young students trained by the Fang lab and are now in their new chapters of career development (
2. Two postdocs have secured good positions: Yahyah Aman, Ph.D. (King´s College London), Postdoc Fellow (2018.02-2021.01); Current position: Researcher at UCL, UK; currently Associate editor at Nature Ageing. Chenglong Xie, Ph.D. (Shanghai Jiaotong U.), Postdoc Fellow (2019.09-2020.11); Current position: Faculty at Wenzhou Medical University, China.
3. Over 55 papers published in the last 5 years, including papers in Nature Neuroscience (2019), Cell Metabolism (2019, postdoc and then researcher Dr. Sofie Lautrup as first author), Nature Ageing (2021, Postdoc Dr. Yahyah Aman and DPhil student Tomas Schmauck-Medina as co-first authors), and Nature Biomedical Engineering (2022, Postdoc Chenglong Xie and student Alice Rui-xue Ai as co-first authors).
4. We have been in the news in VG among others
5. As a member in a joint EU grant on the study of NAD in healthy ageing:
6. In the toughest funding period (around 5% in the renewal category):
7. Our AI-based identification of mitophagy inducers as drug candidates of Alzheimer’s disease:

Greetings from the Fang lab current members : video (you can not miss it)

04 Oct 2022. Photo by Sara

Big congrats to the summer/exchange students of the Fang laboratory

I am writing to congrats all the former and current summer/exchange students of the Fang Laboratory for their amazing achievements:

  • Our 2022 summer student Espen Opseth (bachelor student at UiO, Norway) is enjoying his summer training on ageing and Alzheimer’s disease. Summer student Marisa Khanokwan Børthus just finished her summer intern here and she was so pleased in learning the ways to ‘quantify ageing’. They were in the Norwegian newspapers everywhere in this summer! Their daily mentor is/was Dr. Shu-qin Cao.
  • Our 2021/2022 ERASMUS student Beatriz Escobar Doncel (bachelor University of Alcalá (UAH), Spain) is working on several interesting projects related to mitophagy and Alzheimer’ disease. Her mentors have been Alice Rui-xue Ai and Maria Jose Donate.
  • Our 2021 exchange student Bjoern Olaisen (currently bachelor student at King’s College London, UK) is doing an excellent summer intern in Prof. David Sinclair Laboratory at Harvard Medical School: His daily mentor was Dr. Sofie Lautrup.
  • Our 2022 summer student Mats Landfald (bachelor student at UiO, had half a year exchange at UC Berkeley) said he had a wonderful training experience at the Fang lab with the learning of many techniques from scratch. His daily mentors were Dr. Janet Zhang and DPhil student He-ling Wang.
  • Our 2021/2022 ERASMUS student Mr. Adrian Moliere (Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg, Germany) just got an offer of a master programme at ETH, Switzerland. Big congrats Adrian! His daily mentors were Dr. Janet Zhang and DPhil student He-ling Wang.
  • Many of our former students are also doing good job:

Thank you to all the daily mentors for your time, patience, and big efforts in training the ‘new comers’! And big congrats to the exchange/summer students: hard work pays off.  

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Akershus Universtiy hospital (AhUs) to be affiliated to the University of Oslo (UiO)

on the 31st May 2022, we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Akershus Universtiy hospital (AhUs) to be affiliated to the University of Oslo (UiO).

Tid: 31. mai 2022, kl 16.00 – 18.00
Sted: Store auditorium, Akershus universitetssykehus (Ahus)
Møteleder: Trygve Holmøy
Lett servering fra klokken 15.45 (baguetter, kaffe/te/mineralvann)
16:00 – 16:05 Velkommen v/professor og leder Campus Ahus Torbjørn Omland
16:05 – 17:00 Forskning ved Ahus – noen smakebiter
Seniorforsker Jorun Rugkåsa, HØKH
Førsteamanuensis Evandro Fei Fang, EpiGen
Førsteamanuensis/overlege Harald Hrubos-Strøm, Øre-Nese-Hals-avdelingen
Professor/overlege Anne Hansen Ree, Onkologisk avdeling
Professor/overlege Vegard Bruun Bratholm Wyller, Barne- og ungdomsklinikken
17.00-17.15 Pause
17.15-18.00: Hvordan styrke Ahus som universitetssykehus
Rektor Svein Stølen
Administrerende direktør Øystein Mæland
Leder Campus Ahus Torbjørn Omland

19.00: Middag på Hotel Bristol for påmeldte.

Evandro Fang’s talk: video 1, video 2.

Evandro Fang gives a talk entitled ‘Accessible approaches to fight against ageing’ moderated by Trygve Holmøy.
Photo: He-ling Wang
Panel discussion. From left: Rektor Svein Stølen, Leder Trygve Holmøy, Administrerende direktør Øystein Mæland, and Leder Campus Ahus Torbjørn Omland
Photo: He-ling Wang
Photo: He-ling Wang

Celebration of the 70 (+1)th birthday of Prof. Dr. Vilhelm A. Bohr at the University of Copenhagen

On the 21st March 2022, a scientific birthday gathering was held for Prof. Dr. Vilhelm Bohr in celebration of his lifelong contribution to science, teaching, and mentoring. it was held on the top floor of the Maersk Tower at the Universtiy of Copenhagen. Over 10 Fang group members (and associated members) flew from Oslo and London to attend this unique event. Some pictures and videos (from Evandro Fang or his team members) are listed below for good memory.

Best post award to two of the Fang lab current/former members Tomas and Bjoern
Dinner invited by Prof. Bohr

Additional materials are

Prof. Dr. Vilhelm Bohr’s speech in the dinner: here

Prof. Dr. Jon Storm-Mathisen’s singing: here

Evandro Fang’s speech in Prof. Dr. Vilhelm Bohr’s dinner: here

Evandro Fang’s question to the ageing research ‘big wigs’ on their answers to the use one to two sentences to convince to the students to choose ageing research for their career development: here

Shu-qin Cao successfully defends her PhD looking into the medicinal benefits of Passion fruit

2nd Dec 2021, the Akershus University Hospital

We are please to announce that the Fang group first PhD student Shu-qin CAO (co-mentoring with Prof. Tewin Tencomnao at Chula University) had successfully defended her PhD in a 3-hour meeting. The Committee unanimously scored her PhD with ‘Distinction’, a rare and the highest honor.

Photo: Alice Rui-xue AI
Photo: Fran

An invited review entitled ‘Autophagy in healthy ageing and disease’ in Nature Ageing

The Fang and Labbadia laboratories with a high caliber of international experts on ageing have published a solicited review on autophagy and healthy ageing in Nature Ageing. Synthesis of recent research on #autophagy in health, #aging and disease and discussion of how drugs that modulate the process of autophagy could be used to suppress age-associated diseases.

The complete author list: Yahyah Aman1,3†, Tomas Schmauck-Medina1†, Malene Hansen4, Richard I Morimoto5, Anna Katharina Simon6, Ivana Bjedov3,7, Konstantinos Palikaras8, Anne Simonsen9, Terje Johansen10, Nektarios Tavernarakis11,12, David C. Rubinsztein13, 14, Linda Partridge3, 15, Guido Kroemer16-20, John Labbadia3,* and Evandro F. Fang1,2,*  

The full manuscript is here: download or

Celebrating the 3-year Anniversary of the Fang Lab at UiO

It has been such a wonderful, happy, memorable, and fruitful 3-year career development journey at the lovely the University of Oslo (UiO), and the Akershus University Hospital (Ahus), Oslo, Norway.

I opened the Fang Lab UiO on the 2nd Oct. 2017, one month after I finished my 5.5-year postdoc with Prof. Dr. Vilhelm A. Bohr at the National Institute on Ageing (NIA), Baltimore, USA. After only about 20 days, I had my 1st student Nica (Domenica Caponio) from southern Italy joined my group. Nica had since then became a multi-faceted member of the Fang lab: she was a Ph.D. exchange student and needed to design and run the experiments; she was the lab manager to a team of two to over 5+ in a few months, for ordering, maintenance etc; she was also a friend of me, we worked closely together hand by hand and built the lab platforms…Today, the Fang Lab is growing to be a big lab with 15+ trainees come from many different countries; within 3 years, we have students from a total of 11 countries associated with the Fang lab. And this month, we will also welcome Nica to join us as a postdoc!

The Fang lab is doing ´Molecular Mechanisms of Human Ageing and Age-related Neurodegeneration´ at international level. We have more than 10 projects going on here, covering from the molecular mechanisms of ageing, developing strategies to turning up mitophagy to forestall memory loss in Alzheimer´s disease (AD), to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to identify lead compounds for healthy longevity and AD. In the past three years, the Fang Lab has published over 10 papers, including papers in Nature Neuroscience (Fang EF et al., 2019), Cell Metabolism (Lautrup et al., 2019), and Ageing Research Reviews (Fang EF et al., 2020). The Fang lab has also been very successful in securing external funding from Norway (e.g., HSØ, RCN), EU (e.g., Marie Curie, KAPPA (Czech Republic-Norway joint grant, ranked 2nd over a total of 154 grants), and China (e.g., NSFC). The Fang lab is actively doing ´bench-top to bed-side´research: in collaboration with clinicians, the Fang lab is going to lead one NAD+-based clinical trial, and has been participated as a key member in 5+ NAD+ clinical trials. The Fang lab is very active in National and International ageing societies as Dr. Fang is a major player of the NO-Age network, the NO-AD network, the Hong Kong-Nordic Research Network, and the NO-Age and NO-AD Seminar Series, a new editor of the leading ageing journal Ageing Research Reviews (and other journals), and has been given over 50 talks in national/international meetings and in leading research universities worldwide. The Fang lab discoveries have been recognized by DKNVS and other prestigious scientific societies, and have been reported in national and international main-stream media, including the Norwegian largest Newspaper VG.

Invited by UiO, today I also gave a talk on ´Independent Career Development´to share my personal experience to the postdocs and young researchers who are on the stage of developing their independent careers. The video is here.

The achievements of the Fang Lab are contributed by each and every former and current members of the Fang Lab! I thank my former postdoc mentor and friend Prof. Vilhelm A. Bohr, and my career mentors and collaborators Profs. Hilde L. Nilsen, Jon Storm-Mathisen, and Linda H. Bergersen, and my many national and international collaborators and friends for their continued and unconditioned supports and helps.

I am looking forward to working with the current and new members of the Fang Lab, and collaborators, to make new breakthroughs in both basic research and in drug development!

Prof. Vilhelm Bohr, the Thon Laureate 2020

Prof. Vilhelm Bohr from the National Institute on Ageing (USA) and the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) is the laureate of this 2020 Thon International Research Award.

Prof. Ole Petter Ottersen, president of the Thon Foundation, Vice-Chancellor (president) of Karolinska Institute, and former rector (president) of the University of Oslo (UiO), presents the prestigious award to Prof. Bohr. The quote from one International evaluator says, ‘That by any scientific standards within the areas of ageing, gerontology, and related changes to the brain, it is difficult to see any candidate that would be more suitable for the price than him’.

Details from the Olav Thon Award Website

Introductory speech by Prof. Ole Petter Ottersen: video (copyright EFF)

Speech by Prof. Vilhelm Bohr: video (copyright EFF)

NO-Age members honor DKNVS Awards

The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters (DKNVS) is the oldest Academy in Norway. This year´s Gunnerus Medal, the highest medal of honor by DKNVS, goes to the Academy members May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser. The Mosers were the 2014 Nobel Laureates for Medicine or Physiology, for their discovery of the grid cells, a group of neurons in our brain enabling one finds the way back home. 

The DKNVS’s scientific award to younger researchers this year goes to Heidrun Åm (Social Science) and Evandro Fei Fang (Medical fields). The two researchers receive NOK 75,000 each.

挪威皇家科學與文學學會(DKNVS)是挪威最古老的院士學院。今年的Gunnerus勳章(DKNVS最高榮譽),授予學院院士May-Britt Moser和Edvard Moser。 Mosers是2014年諾貝爾醫學或生理學獎得主,他們發現了網格細胞 (grid cells),這是我們大腦中的一組神經元帮助人們记忆回家的路。

DKNVS今年向年輕研究人員頒發的科學獎授予了HeidrunÅm(社會科學)和Evandro Fei Fang(醫學領域)。兩位研究人員各獲得75,000挪威克朗。