Invited talks


Invited Talks

At the National Institute on Aging

2013. 10The 3rd Regional Translational Research in Mitochondria, Aging, and Disease Symposium, PA, USA. Absence due to government furloughs.  
2014. 03International symposium on XP and related diseases, Kobe Japan. With travel grant (JPY 120,000).
2014. 03The 19th Annual NIA IRP Scientific Retreat, NIH. Baltimore
2014. 05NIH DNA repair video conference, NIH
2014. 10The 4th Regional Translational Research in Mitochondria, Aging, and Disease, Pitt, PA, USA.  
2014. 11The 9th brain research conference: Neuroprotection, Basic mechanisms and translational potential, DC.
2014.12The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK.
2014.12SPH, Fudan University, China.
2015.03Ted talk for the 2015 NIA Retreat, Baltimore. 
2015.07Biology of Aging, Gordon Research Conference, Newry, ME.
2015.09Young Investigators short talks, DNA repair Interest Group Videoconference.
2015.10NIH FARE awardee’ talks, NIH Postdoctoral Fellows Symposium
2016.03Ted talk for the 2016 NIA Retreat, Baltimore. 
2016.032016 NIA Retreat, Baltimore.
2016.03University of Oslo, Norway
2016.03Center for Healthy Aging, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
2016.04The Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford, UK
2016.04Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, University of Cambridge, UK
2016.08  NIA grant workshop on Autonomous and non-autonomous mechanisms of aging, Bethesda, NIH.
2016.09.30CSHL Meeting: Mechanisms of Aging, Cold Spring Harbor, USA
2016.10.29  The 6th Regional Translational Research in Mitochondria, Aging, and Disease Symposium, PA, USA
2017.01.24On behalf of the lab for the annual meeting to the National Institute on Aging.
2017.02.07University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
2017.02.13Yale University Medical School, New Haven, CT, USA
2017.03.02NIA Annual Retreat
UiO (S, scheduled)
2017.09.26Cutting Edge festival (Oslo, Norway (absence)
2017.11.01The 6th Nordic Autophagy meeting, Sigtuna, Sweden (absence).
2017.11.10NEUROMITO meeting, Oslo, Norway
2018.01.18The 54th Contact Meeting of the Norwegian Biochemical Society, Norway
2018.01.23University of Oslo, Norway
2018.01.30NCMM, University of Oslo, Norway
2018.02.15Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University, Japan
2018.02.17International symposium on XP and related diseases, Kobe Japan. With travel grant.
2018.04.20NEUROMITO meeting, Bergen, Norway
2018.06.29SBS, The University of Hong Kong (香港大學), HK
2018.07.03SBS, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (香港中文大學), HK
2018.07.04Hong Kong Society for Cell Biology 2018 Annual Meeting, HK
2018.07.05Medical School, Ji-nan University (暨南大學), China
2018.07.06Sun Yat-Sen School of Medicine, Sun Yat-sen University (中山大學)
2018.07.07The 2018 Chinese Hypertension Conference, Guangzhou, China
2018.07.16Bio-X Center, Shanghai Jiao-Tong University (上海交通大學), China
2018.07.17Medical School, Zhe Jiang University (浙江大學), China
2018.07.19School of Life Sciences, Tong Ji University (同濟大學), China
2018-08-23Workshop on Norwegian Center for Healthy Aging  ‘No-Age’, UiO, Norway
2016.09-05The Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford, UK
2018.09.07British Society for Research on Ageing’s (BSRA) annual scientific meeting, Oriel College, University of Oxford, UK
2018.09.19Virginia-Nordic Precision Neuroscience II – Oslo, Norway
2018.09.24Aging and Metabolism, Cell symposia, Sitges, Spain  (a short presentation on NO-Age)
2018.10.18Department of Biosciences, UiO, Oslo, Norway
2018.10.23SUPERGROUP meeting, UiO Autophagy network, Oslo, Norway
2018.10.29University of Macau, Macau
2018.11.08Søknadsseminar, Akershus Universitetssykehus (Kirurgisk divisjon)
2018.11.13Center for Healthy Aging, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
2019.02.05NBS Winter-meeting 2019, Røros, Norway
2019.02.05The 1st NO-Age Symposium, Oslo, Norway (two talks, UiO and the National Library Litteraturhuset)
2019.02.20State Key lab of Medical Neurobiology, Fudan University (復旦大學)
2019.02.22Department of Clinical Gerontology, Zhengzhou University (鄭州大學)
2019.02.26Wenzhou Medical University (溫州醫科大學)
2019.02.08The Neuroscience Research Centre, Soochow University (蘇州大學)
2019.03.01College of Nano Science and Technology, Soochow U. (蘇州大學)
2019.03.04Er Yi Innovation Forum Lecture, Key Lab of Cell Differentiation and Apoptosis of National Ministry of Education, Shanghai Jiao-Tong University (上海交通大學), China.
2019.04.05School of Lifesciences, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST, 香港科技大學), Hong Kong.
2019.04.09Nature Conferences: Cellular Metabolism (April 8-11, 2019), Xaimen, China.
2019.04.12Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, WestLake University (西湖大學)/West Lake Institute for Advanced Study, China.
2019.04.16Global Health Research Center, Duke Kunshan University (昆山杜克大學), China.
2019.04.22Institute of Molecular Biosciences, Mahidol University, Thailand.
2019.05.20Invited lecture in the Norwegian business company AKER (with the attendance of Kjell Inge Røkke)
2019.05.02NTNU (Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet), Norway
2019.05.24-25International Perspectives on GEROSCIENCE Meetings 2019 (Sponsored by the Nathan Shock Centers) + 2019 Asian Geroscience Conference: Ageing mechanisms and intervention that impact senior health, Shenzhen, China
2019.05.26Lecture, Opening Ceremony of the Immuno-ageing Center, Ji-Nan University, China
2019.05.26-28The advanced Study Institute Symposium on Ageing (Croucher Foundation), HKU, Hong Kong 
2019.07.02University of Singapore, Singapore
2019.07.05Three lectures School of Public Health, Sun Yat-sen University (中山大學) The Gerontology and ageing Center, The People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province The 1st Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University (中山大學)
2019.09.05The Hanzhou National day & the 2nd International symposium organized by the Imperial Institute of Advanced Research, China
2019.09.24Public discussion on ageing and health at the National Library Litteraturhuset (organizer Linda H. Bergersen)
2019.10.03Keynote: Bergen Stem Cell Consortium 5th Annual Meeting 2019, Norway
2019.10.09Visiting Outstanding Scholar Lecture, The key Laboratory of Public Health safely of Ministry of Education School of Public Health, Fudan University (復旦大學), China
2019.10.12A two-day national symposium on neurodegenerative diseases, The 4th Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University, China
2019.10.14School of Public Health, Anhui Medical University, China
2019.10.16Institute of Biophysics, CAS, China (中国科学院生物物理研究所)
2019.10.17Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences &Peking Union Medical College (中国医学科学院&北京协和医学院)
2019.10.18 amInstitute of Quantitative Biology, Peking University
2019.10.18 pmMemorial Seminar for Academician Zhijun Wang, College of Basic Medical Sciences, Peking University, China (北京大学基础医学院王志均院士纪念讲座)
2019.11.12Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre, Oxford University, UK
2019.11.13Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, UK
2019.11.15Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, Cambridge University, UK
2019.11.19Faculty of Medicine, Department of Brain Sciences, Imperial College London, UK
2019.11.19Alan Turing Institute, UK
2019.11.20UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology, UCL, UK
2019.11.20Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London, UK
2019.11.22Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute, King’s College London, UK
2019.11.29Conference: Natural products for the promotion of healthspan and lifespan, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.
2019.12.11Kjære demensforskere og venn av Nasjonalforeningen for folkehelsen, Norway
2020.03.04SUniversity of Southern Denmark, Denmark (host Prof. Moustapha Kassem)
2020.03.13SInstitute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders (UCI MIND), University of California, Irvine (host: Gregory Brewer), USA
2020.04.28SSPIN (Signal Processing in neurons), Innsbruck (Host: Larissa Traxler / Jerome Mertens), Austria.
2020.05.28-29SThe Nordic Centre Biennial Meeting (Shanghai 28-29 May 2020)
2020.06.01-03SThe 1st International Symposium of the Hong Kong-Nordic Research Network On Global ageing and related healthcare challenges, CUHK, Hong Kong
2020.09.03ARDD2020 (The 7th Annual Aging Research and Drug Discovery Meeting): Evandro Fei Fang – Molecular Mechanisms of Mitophagy and NAD+ in Brain Aging and Healthy Longevity
video in youtube
2020.09.01The 7th Annual Ageing Research and Drug Discovery Meeting (organizer: Morten Scheibye-Knudsen)
2020.09.24/25SThe 2nd symposium on cellular coenzymes, Bergen, Norway. Organizer : International Association of Cellular Coenzymes, IACC
2020.10.21Norwegian Association of Pharmacists, Oslo, Norway (zoom)
Video (from 1h40min)
2020.10.22SUniversity of Bergern, Norway (host: Mathias Ziegler)
2020.11.17SSPIN (Signal Processing in neurons), Innsbruck (Host: Larissa Traxler / Jerome Mertens), Austria.
2020-12-14 to18Winter School called “Mitochondria in health, disease and aging by Prof. Veronique Paquis-Flucklinger, Nice, France.
2021S: scheduled; C, cancelled
2021.01.05Fang group New Year’s summary
2021.05.28-29SThe Nordic Centre Biennial Meeting (Shanghai 28-29 May 2020)
2021.06.01-03SThe 1st International Symposium of the Hong Kong-Nordic Research Network On Global ageing and related healthcare challenges, CUHK, Hong Kong