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1. Fang EF, Scheibye-Knudsen M, Brace L, Kassahun H, SenGupta T, Nilsen H, Mitchell JR, Croteau DL, Bohr VA (2014). Defective Mitophagy in XPA via PARP1 hyperactivation and NAD+/SIRT1 reduction, Cell, 157 (4): 882-896.
(This paper offers first evidence that compromised mitophagy exacerbates accelerated aging )
Comment in Autophagy

2. Fang EF, Kassahun H, Croteau DL, Scheibye-Knudsen M, Marosi K, Lu H, Shamanna RA, Kalyanasundaram S, Bollineni RC, Wilson MA, Iser WB, Wollman BN, Morevati M, Li J, Kerr JS, Lu Q, Waltz TB, Tian J, Sinclair DA, Mattson MP, Nilsen H, Bohr VA (2016). NAD+ replenishment improves lifespan and healthspan in Ataxia telangiectasia models via mitophagy and DNA repair, Cell Metabolism, 24, 566-581.  
(This feature article of the issue describes NAD+ ameliorates premature aging through DCT-1-dependent mitophagy )
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3. Fang EF, Palikaras K, Sun N, Fivenson EM, Spangler RD, Kerr JS, Cordonnier SA, Hou Y, Dombi E, Kassahun H, Tavernarakis N, Poulton J, Nilsen H, Bohr VA. In Vitro and In Vivo Detection of Mitophagy in Human Cells, C. Elegans, and Mice, JOVE, 2017. 
(This method paper summarizes mitophagy detection methods in cross-species model systems )

4. Fang EF, Scheibye-Knudsen M, Chua KF, Mattson MP, Croteau DL, Bohr VA (2016). Nuclear DNA damage signalling to mitochondria in ageing, Nature Rev Mol Cell Bio, 17(5):308-321. 
( This review paper proposes a novel concept to the aging theory )

5. Fang EF, Lautrup S, Hou Y, Demarest TG, Croteau DL, Mattson MP, Bohr VA. NAD+ in aging: Molecular mechanisms and translational implicationis. Trends Mol Med. 2017. 
( This Feature review summarizes latest progress of NAD+ in aging, and suggests compromised autophagy as the 10th hall marker of aging.)

6. Kerr JS, Adriaanse BA, Greig NH, Mattson MP, Cader MZ, Bohr VA*, Fang EF*. Mitophagy and Alzheimer’s disease: Cellular and molecular mechanisms, Trends in Neurosciences, 40(3):151-166 (*Corresponding author). 
( This review proposes compromised mitophagy as a new concept in AD etiology )

7.  Fang EF*, Hou Y, Palikaras K, et al, Mattson MP, Tavernarakis N, Bohr VA*. ­­Mitophagy inhibits Aβ and p-Tau pathologies and cognitive deficits in experimental models of Alzheimer’s disease. Nature Neuroscience, 2019, 22(3):401-412 (* corresponding author).Highlighted in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery ;     News in VG (the largest newspaper in Norway, 12 Feb 2019 Issue );   News in NRK, Highlighted in ALZFORUM ; University of CopenhagenNational Institute on Ageing ; ScienceNordic;  NHI news;   NHI Facebook
Commentary in Autophagy; (original version with complete references)
Commentary in Neurochemistry International
Commentary in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
Highlighted in Nature 2022 (special issue on ageing)

8. Lou G, Palikaras K, Lautrup S, Scheibye-Knudsen M, Tavernarakis N, Fang EF. Mitophagy and neuroprotection. Trends Mol Med. 2019.

9. Lautrup S, Sinclair DA, Mattson MP, Fang EF. NAD+ in Brain Aging and Neurodegenerative Disorders. Cell Metabolism, 2019.

10. Fang EF, Hou Y, Lautrup S. et al., NAD+ augmentation restores mitophagy and limits accelerated aging in Werner syndrome. Nature Communications, 2019.
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News in the University of Oslo
News in the University of Copenhagen
Top 50 Life and Biological Sciences Articles in Nature Communications 2019

11. Fang EF et a.. A research agenda for aging in China in the 21st century. Ageing Res Rev.
Download (1st version, 2015)
Download (2nd version, 2020)

12. Gilmour BC, Gudmundsrud R…Fang EF. Targeting NAD+ in translational research to relieve diseases and conditions of metabolic stress and ageing. Mechanisms of Ageing and Development, 2020.

13. 2013 book Ántitumor potential and other emerging medical properties of natural compounds´by Evandro F. Fang and Tzi Bun Ng. Publisher, Springer. Download

14. Iron out, mitophagy in!, EMBO Reports, 2020. Download

15. A new hypothesis on Alzheimer’s disease: ‘Re-emphasizing early Alzheimer’s disease pathology starting in select entorhinal neurons, with a special focus on mitophagy’, Ageing Research Review 2021. Download

16. Autophagy in healthy longevity and disease, Nature Ageing, 2021. Download

17. Amyloid-β toxicity modulates tau phosphorylation through the PAX6 signalling pathway, Brain, 2021. Download.

18. Preclinical and clinical evidence of NAD+ precursors in health, disease, and ageing, Mechanisms of Ageing and Development, 2021. Download.

19. Amelioration of Alzheimer’s disease pathology by mitophagy inducers identified via machine learning and a cross-species workflow, Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2022. Download
News in UiO, Nature (2022 special issue on ageing), and VG (download the full story).

20. P. edulis Extract Protects Against Amyloid‑β Toxicity in Alzheimer’s Disease Models Through Maintenance of Mitochondrial Homeostasis via the FOXO3/DAF‑16 Pathway, Molecular Neurobiology, 2022. In press. Download.

21. Enhanced brain mitophagy slows systemic aging. Nature Ageing, 2022. Download.

22. Artificial intelligence in medicine, 2022. Book. Download

23. New hallmarks of ageing: an 2022 Copenhagen Ageing meeting summary. Download

24. Schmauck-Medina T., Patrick-Brown T.D.J.H., Zhang SQ, Gilbert A, Fang EF*. Molecular linkages among Aβ, tau, impaired mitophagy, and mitochondrial dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease. In: Hamano T and Mutoh T (Eds). Autophagy Dysfunction in Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. San Diego: Elsevier Inc./Academic Press, 2022: 91-110.. Download

25. Text book: MOLECULAR, CELLULAR, AND METABOLIC FUNDAMENTALS OF HUMAN AGING: download (ask Evandro Fang at for password).

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