Domenica Caponio, PhD candidate (2017-2018)
Email: nica.caponio[at]
Nica is an Italian PhD student from Università degli Studi di FOGGIA. She joins Evandro’s group because of her long-standing passion in studying the molecular mechanism of human aging. She studied at the University of Bari and then she is attending a PhD course at University of Foggia in which she is involved in deepening metabolic aspects in human cell lines. She is also passionate about teaching. At UiO, she is working on the effect of mitophagy, a cellular process which enables systematic self clearance of damaged mitochondria, in the rejuvenation of stem cells. She uses multiple laboratory models, including C. elegans, Drosophila, and human cells to approach this fundamental question in human aging.  
Hobbies: swimming; cooking.


Annalisa Altera, exchange student (2018)
Email: annalisa.altera[at]
Annalisa Altera obtained her bachelor degree in “Biologia Sanitaria” at the University of Siena, Italy. She did seven months research in cancer study for her bachelor thesis. She has a big passion in aging research, especially on how and why people grow old. She has been an awardee of the ERASMUS programme, which supports her research ship in University of Oslo. In the Fang group, she is focusing on the stem cell dysfunction in a premature aging disease, the Werner syndrome, using two model systems, C. elegans and Drosophila. Her long-term plan is to be an independent group leader.
Hobbies: swimming; dancing; hang out with friends.

Aina Balto, summer student (2018) 
Email: ainabalto[at]
Aina Balto is a senior year college student reading molecular biology at the University of Oslo. She is interested in understanding the mechanisms and processes of the development of human life at a molecular level, and how this can be used to explain the causes of various human diseases. In the Fang’s laboratory, she is involved in the studies of the molecular mechanisms of accelerated aging. She plans to take a master’s degree in Molecular Biology after she finishes her bachelor’s degree. In her spare time, she teaches mathematics to high school students.
Hobbies: hiking, skiing, soccer (football in British English). 

Ann Isabel Rosvoll (2018-2019)
Email: annros95[at]
Ann Isabel did her bachelor degree in The University of Stavanger. She was trained in the Fang group on handling C. elegans and Drosophila in the summers of 2018 and 2019. She has a passion of learning new techniques and is amazed of the complexity of human ageing, and is now continuing her master degree in NTNU.
Hobbies: hiking, skiing, baking.

Mahdi Hasan-Olive, Research Volunteer (2018.01-2019.01)
Email: mahdi.hasan.olive[at]
Mahdi investigated how DNA damage impacts the morphology and function of the cellular powerhouse, mitochondrion, in his Ph.D programme under the supervision of Profs. Jon Storm-Mathisen and Linda H. Bergersen at the University of Oslo, Norway. In the Fang laboratory, he is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunction in human aging and age-related neurodegeneration. More specifically, he is using multiple laboratory models, including iPSC-derived neurons and glial cells as well as novel transgenic mouse models, to unveil the molecular mechanisms of defective mitochondrial homeostasis in Alzheimer’s disease.
Hobbies: Fishing; Hiking; Swimming; Chess.    

Madiha Samrin Khalid, Research volunteer (2018-2018)
Email: m.s.khalid[at]
Madiha Samrin Khalid is a 3rd year medical student starting in autumn 2018, at the University of Oslo (UiO). She has a big passion on basic medical research which she considered a way to understand the molecular mechanisms of various diseases. She is especially fascinated with the neuronal system as well as neurodegenerative diseases. Since there are still so many unanswered questions regarding human neural system, she wants to contribute to answering these questions with a final goal to develop new treatments. Having extensive training of basic research at EpiGen, she is making a synergy between medical training and basic medical research. She has an interest in working in student organizations.
Hobbies: photography, tennis, running

Sarosh Bekir , Research volunteer (2019)
Email: Sarosh_Bekir[at]

Adrian Matysek, Research Volunteer (2019)
Email: adrian.matysek[at]
Adrian Matysek is a 4th year laboratory medical student starting in autumn 2019, at the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. He is intrigued by the sophisticated causes and processes of aging. He joined the Fang Lab for a summer internship 2019 because of his passion to understand the mechanisms of age-associated diseases, especially Alzheimer’s disease.  In the short summer intern, he got intensive training on basic anatomy and handling of the powerful laboratory model the roundworm C. elegans as well as got the opportunities of attending two national meetings. He is very ambitious in both medical research and clinical patient service, and is planning to continue his scientific career in the future.