About: Space, coats, logo

How old is the lab:   The lab was opened on 2 Oct 2017

The lab is located in Epi-Gen Department. Epi-Gen has almost all the necessary equipments for basic and morden medical science research as you can imagine, such as microarray machine, DNA sequencing machine, auto-IHC, FACS for storing targeting cells. Thus, here is a wonderful place to do science. 

Jesse, the lab coat This piece of art was originally made in Dr. Wolkow C’ lab. Dr. Wolkow was trained with Dr. Ruvkun G on C. elegans research at Harvard Medical School. In 2017, this coat was redesigned by worm colleagues Wendy Iser and Mark Wilson and presented to Evandro as a gift for his new laboratory. It Is a graduation gown for the worm trainees in the Fang laboratory .

The lab logo: An international team working on the molecular mechanisms of human ageing and age-related diseases, especially on age-predisposed neurodegeneration, with a final aim to achieve healthy ageing.