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01. Gudmundsrud R, Lautrup S, Nilsen H, Bohr VA, Fang EF*.Mitofagi i nevrodegenerasjon og aldring. BestPractice, 2018. Link: 

02. A news report by VG, one of the largest newspapers in Norway, on healthy longevity and NAD+.

03. An interviewed by NHI.NOon NAD+and Alzheimer’s disease

04. An interview by VG on a potential therapeutic strategy for Alzheimer’s disease (Download)

05. 2019.08 Dagbladet pluss interviews Evandro Fang to give comments on daily power naps as a potential sign of Alzheimer disease: Here

06. 2019.09 Rosa sløyfe Award by KREFTFORENINGENand UiO.

07. 2019.09.05 Interviewed by on a recently reported blood test for AD. Link

08. 2019.09.06 Evandro Fang, Jon Storm Mathisen and David Firmin visit Shu-ren University, accompanied by Imperial College Advanced Technology. Link

09. 2019.09 Interviewed by to give comments on a new diagnostic method of AD: Link

10. 2019.09.24 Talk in the Norwegian National Library on how to keep a a strong body as well as a healthy and productive brian at our 90S. My part starts from 1 h 04 min. Link

11. 2019.09.28 Interviewed by VG on NAD+ and Alzheimer’s disease (with postdoc Dr. Sofie Lautrup) (Download)

12. 2019.09.29 Interviewed by Vi.NO on how early on-set Alzheimer’s disease affects the individual’s health, family, and social lives. Link.

13. 2019.09.30 Interviewed by Vi.NO on the comments to some newly developed AD detection methods using blood samples. Link.

14. Interviewed by different media on our recent discovery of NAD+ to treat accelerated ageing diseases, the Werner syndrome. News in
News in the University of Oslo; News in the University of Copenhagen

15. BestPractice (NAD+ and aging) Download

16. 2020.02.28 DKNVS Award
Instagram;; Facebook; UiO
Download of the Ahus interview

17. 2020.05.01 Interviewed by VG on David Sinclair´s new book. Download

18. 2020.06.03 Interviewed by Romerikes Blad (cover story): Download

19. 2020.06.06 Report in Glåmdalen (highlighted title ‘Håper på en kur mot Alzheimer i løpet av fem år’): download; page 2 download (thanks J Storm-Mathisen)

20. 2020.06.18 Akershus University Hosptial Best Research Award 2020. Link

21. 2020.06. 08 Comments to Prof. Jens Pahnke’s publication on training and memory in the AD mice (UNIFORUM). Link

22. 2020.07.01 Interviewed by UiO Life:Science Link

23. 2020.08.06 Interviewed by VG on the new study of using P-Tau217 as a new biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease Link

24. 2020.08.10 Interviewed by on the common reasons to contribute to healthy ageing in the word´s 5 ´blue zones´ (regions with high % of centenarians) Link

25. 2021.07.23 The Fang lab exchange student Mr. Bjoern Olaisen is on the front page of a local news paper: Link

26. 2021-11-16: The NO-Age members Evandro Fang (Oslo) and Lynne Cox (Oxford) share their expertise on healthy ageing by targeting on the elimination of senescent cells, cells which do not replicate but release toxic molecules. Thanks @Trinesolb (Nettavisen): Link

27. 2022-01-06: news for our Nature Biomedical Engineering paper in UiO, VG (VG download the full story), 中国医疗etc.

28. 2022-01-12: comments for Forskning entitled ‘Vaccine against the effect of aging gave mice longer life’. Link

29. 2022-01-19: two papers from the Fang lab were highlighted in Nature 2022 issue on ageing
NAD+ and ageing
Autophagy/mitophagy and AD

30. Interviewed by EY Academy on targeting on turning up autophagy as a target to delay ageing : 最是人间留不住?破译衰老密码,自噬机制成焦点 a copy is here (in Chinese)

31. News on our paper ‘Passion fruit crude extract inhibits Alzheimer’.
Newspaper Romerikes Blad: Download
Akershus University Hospital website: Download. Download Link
NRK: Download Download

32. News on the EU grant (NIAIS): UiO news; DagensMedisin; Health Talk.

33. UiO News on the securing of the Research Council of Norway grant (3.6% success rate in the whole country): Here

34. News for the Cure Alzheimer’s disease Fund: The Akershus University Hospital; Dagens Medisin; Newspaper Romerikes Blad

35. Success of the Biology of Aging course and the release of the book: UiO

36. Participated in the very successful The Dementia Choir TV series (season 1 with 6 episodes): from 25 min in episode 5

37. Interviewed by (here) (private copy, not for commercial or public use)

38. Interviewed by NRK on the clinical trials of NAD+ against ageing and neurodegenerative diseases (here)

39. Interviewed by Elise Kjørstad from Forskning on ‘reversible biological ageing’ (here)

40. Interviewed by nasjonalforeningen for folkehelsen (here)

Image for News

Below photos are also for news release.
Left (taken by Thomas Olafsen): Fang is using a sophisticated machine which is applied for the checking of memory at molecular level (e.g., LTP);
Below (with flower T-shirt) (taken by Dr. Rune Enger): Standing aside the portrait of Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, the Norwegian pioneer of neuroscience.
For photos with no information on the photographers, please just mention ‘private copy’.

Evandro Fang with his team members. Photo: Janet Zhang
Evandro Fang is showing the students on how to check the quality of the plates to culture the small round worm C. elegans. Photo: Caroline Shi-qi Zhang
Poto: Ahus
Evandro Fang is pointing to the hippocampus of a human brain model. Photo Anna Berit Wennerstrøm
Evandro Fang is holding a human brain model. Photo Anna Berit Wennerstrøm

All the photos in this galley were taken by Mr. Johannes Hellstrand Frøshaug (Journalist)

above: photos by Adrian Leversby

above: photos by NYO3