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01. Gudmundsrud R, Lautrup S, Nilsen H, Bohr VA, Fang EF*.Mitofagi i nevrodegenerasjon og aldring. BestPractice, 2018. Link: 

02. A news report by VG, one of the largest newspapers in Norway, on healthy longevity and NAD+.

03. An interviewed by NHI.NOon NAD+and Alzheimer’s disease

04. An interview by VG on a potential therapeutic strategy for Alzheimer’s disease (Download)

05. 2019.08 Dagbladet pluss interviews Evandro Fang to give comments on daily power naps as a potential sign of Alzheimer disease: Here

06. 2019.09 Rosa sløyfe Award by KREFTFORENINGENand UiO.

07. 2019.09.06 Evandro Fang, Jon Storm Mathisen and David Firmin visit Shu-ren University, accompanied by Imperial College Advanced Technology. Link

08. 2019.09 Interviewed by to give comments on a new diagnostic method of AD: Link

09. 2019.09.24 Talk in the Norwegian National Library on how to keep a a strong body as well as a healthy and productive brian at our 90S. My part starts from 1 h 04 min. Link

10. 2019.09.28 Interviewed by VG on NAD+ and Alzheimer’s disease (with postdoc Dr. Sofie Lautrup) (Download)

11. 2019.09.29 Interviewed by Vi.NO on how early on-set Alzheimer’s disease affects the individual’s health, family, and social lives. Link.

12. 2019.09.30 Interviewed by Vi.NO on the comments to some newly developed AD detection methods using blood samples. Link.

Photos: Ruben Gudmundsrud (left) and Sofie Lautrup (right)

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