Prof. Vilhelm Bohr, the Thon Laureate 2020

Prof. Vilhelm Bohr from the National Institute on Ageing (USA) and the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) is the laureate of this 2020 Thon International Research Award.

Prof. Ole Petter Ottersen, president of the Thon Foundation, Vice-Chancellor (president) of Karolinska Institute, and former rector (president) of the University of Oslo (UiO), presents the prestigious award to Prof. Bohr. The quote from one International evaluator says, ‘That by any scientific standards within the areas of ageing, gerontology, and related changes to the brain, it is difficult to see any candidate that would be more suitable for the price than him’.

Details from the Olav Thon Award Website

Introductory speech by Prof. Ole Petter Ottersen: video (copyright EFF)

Speech by Prof. Vilhelm Bohr: video (copyright EFF)

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