An invited review entitled ‘Autophagy in healthy ageing and disease’ in Nature Ageing

The Fang and Labbadia laboratories with a high caliber of international experts on ageing have published a solicited review on autophagy and healthy ageing in Nature Ageing. Synthesis of recent research on #autophagy in health, #aging and disease and discussion of how drugs that modulate the process of autophagy could be used to suppress age-associated diseases.

The complete author list: Yahyah Aman1,3†, Tomas Schmauck-Medina1†, Malene Hansen4, Richard I Morimoto5, Anna Katharina Simon6, Ivana Bjedov3,7, Konstantinos Palikaras8, Anne Simonsen9, Terje Johansen10, Nektarios Tavernarakis11,12, David C. Rubinsztein13, 14, Linda Partridge3, 15, Guido Kroemer16-20, John Labbadia3,* and Evandro F. Fang1,2,*  

The full manuscript is here: download or

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