Opening of the Hong Kong-Nordic Research Network

A newly established network with three founding members – The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Hong Kong SAR; The University of Oslo (UiO), Norway; and the University of Copenhagen (KU), Denmark – the Hong Kong-Nordic research network can be a driving force for the interchange of ideas between the universities, and help promote world leading research. This will be achieved by putting people in touch with each other to set up research collaborations, which will also be boosted by the great exchange opportunities offered by the universities. Both students and researchers will be given this opportunity. This will be a good way for scientists and students to expand their horizon and knowledge, and of course to meet with other peers. The network hope to foster groundbreaking research by establishing joint research collaborations.

The Nordic network coordinator Evandro F. Fang ( and the Hong Kong network coordinator W.Y. Chan (

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